Samuel Feldhandler
Flower of Skins
Suite for lamps, fabric, dancing body, drums, cymbal, papers, paint, prepared piano, cello and dried plants

A suite in the musical sense is a collection of short pieces commonly referred to as dance forms, which together function as one larger form. Suites came from musicians’ practices of accompanying social dances in the baroque times and mirror their emancipation from that singular role.

Continuing his approach of emancipating dance from music by understanding the latter’s mechanisms, Samuel Feldhandler dived in the form of the suite and welcomed it as his teacher during this process. For that purpose, Flower of Skins is built very closely to the mother form of the suite and composed of the following dances:
- Toccata
- Allemande
- Courante
- Sarabande
- Minuet I & II
- Giga

After years of working on his own looking for a structural primacy of dance, Flower of Skins marks an opening in Feldhandler’s body of works as it is the beginning of collaborations with Lise Lendais for costumes and Jean-Christophe Feldhandler for music.

Choreography, Light & performance: Samuel Feldhandler

Costumes: Lise Lendais

All compositions, percussions & piano: Jean-Christophe Feldhandler

Cello: Martine Altenburger (Excerpt of "Le bruit du Regard", co-production Ryoanji, Athènor Scène Nomade / CNCM, Abbaye de Noirlac centre culturel de rencontre)

Choreographic assistance: Yari Stilo

Technique: Ronald Salas

Administration: Interim kultur AB (svb)

Special thanks: Christophe Havard, Catherine Musseau, LE STUDIO Film und Bühne & Cie La Migration

Flower of Skins is funded by the Swedish Arts Council, co-produced by Weld and MARC (SE), and supported by Athénor Scène Nomade - CNCM (FR).

Premiere: 11 . 09 . 2020 @ Weld, Stockholm

pictures / Yari Stilo

Video documentation / Password: skins

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