Samuel Feldhandler
for two dancers and a blackbox

Two dancers research complete darkness in a black box theatre exploring the relations and perception of space, bodies and audience.
By eliminating the visual aspect of dance, we explore the possibilities of presenting and experiencing dance without its most obvious component.

What is there to be experienced of a dance performance which you do not see?
What is the shape of the fourth wall and how does it transform when both audience and performers share the darkness?
What is lost and what can be gained relying on the other senses?
How prominent is the sense of hearing, and in which relationship to each other are the senses organizing themselves throughout the performance?

Choreography & Performance: Wilhelm Blomberg / Samuel Feldhandler

Special Thanks to: Liat Waysbort, Rombout Willems, Helga Langen and Angela Linssen

Premiere: 07 . 03 . 2013 @ de Theaterschool, Amsterdam

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