Samuel Feldhandler
Fake Dances for Weld Company

The work Fake Dances builds on Samuel Feldhandler’s approach to choreography through translating musical practices in dance. It focuses on jazz forms and the tool of the fake book (a collection of scores with only rudimentary information used by Jazz musicians).
Fake Dances is a collection of short dances, each consisting of a written theme and a framed improvisation. These dances follow each other, much like tunes follow each other during a jazz concert. The work brings set material and improvisation in dialogue and explores a space between composition and interpretation.
Fake Dances can be presented in various constellations of performers and for the commission of Weld Company, it took the shape of a piece for eight dancers. 

Weld Company is aiming to rediscover and revaluate the old institution of Dance Company and is updating the Company form through a collective work conducted by one of Weld clearly given structure. Dancers and choreographers from different backgrounds share a common, daily and physical practice. The Company will work with invited choreographers; self-made works and instigate the Swedish dance history. The members contribute with and are involved in selecting the content. Weld Company could be seen as an enabling structure where new constellations and ideas become. The main focus is on the space freed to practice the art form. To become the dancing body, the dancing community and through this pose questions about dance and choreography today.

Choreography, Sound & Light: Samuel Feldhandler

Performance: Rannhvi Mebius Jormin, Disa Krosness, Anouk Orignac, Hanna Strandberg, Andrea Svensson, Sybrig Dokter, Alexander Talts & Anna Westberg

Technique: Ronald Salas

Costumes: selection from the archives of Weld Company

Pictures: Samuel Feldhandler

Weld Company is initiated by Anna Koch and produced by Weld

Premiere: 26 . 10 . 2019 @ Weld, Stockholm

pictures / Samuel Feldhandler

Video documentation / Password: fake

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